Want the best job on campus?

Campus Director

Become a Campus Director at your school. Learn how to be a smart and effective salesperson, and earn more than any other part-time job on campus!

 Who We Are

We create awesome custom apparel you’ll love to wear, with a specialty in the greek market. We are officially licensed with most greek and collegiate organizations, so we can print letters, logos, crests & the full nine yards. We’re constantly evolving with the goal of making our processes as easy as possible for our customers, through working with our amazing Campus Directors!


The Perfect Job for College Students

We’re looking for college students who are interested in a part time, remote job. You get to work on your own time, and most of you job is simply communicating with your fellow classmates! We’ll show you the ropes, so no previous experience is required.

TLDR– we need college students who like connecting with and helping other college students. We love hiring college students because they know our landscape and their local market the best.

What Does a Campus Director Do?

Build a Network

You’ll connect with T-Shirt Chairs and other leaders from fraternities and sororities across campus.

Influence on Social Media

It’s your job to get the word out on campus!  We’ll send you some awesome Collegiate Customs swag to wear, and even some freebies for your friends.

Facilitate Orders

Your main job is to bring in apparel orders. We’ll teach you exactly what to say, and how to get the final “YES” from your customer.

Who Are We Looking For?



Leading the pack is normal for you. Your confidence is out of this world, and your peers look up to you.

Go Getters

Go Getters

You don’t aim for average, you leave it in the dust as you stand on top of the podium.  You’re driven to succeed, and enjoy winning.

Greek Students

Greek Students

You know the greek market best because, well, you live it every day!  Students involved in Greek Life, IFC, or Panhellenic make great Campus Directors!



You don’t follow trends, you set them.  You are well connected and your peers pay attention to your actions.

Limitless Earnings

Top Campus Directors earn upwards of $10,000 per semester. Directors are paid on commission, so your earnings are only limited to your own hustle and drive.

Real Sales Experience

This experience will set you apart from the field when you’re applying and starting your first job.  We’ll give you the tools to build a network, generate leads, and convert sales at your university.  

Flexible Schedule

Work your own hours, and mostly work from home – easy as that!

PERKS of the Job

(Other than a pretty sweet paycheck)

Our Reps Go On To Do Big Things:

When I was interviewing for my Job at Microsoft, even though my focus was in engineering, they were continually impressed with my interpersonal skills and ability to sell myself. Both of these skills I attribute to my time as a Campus Director where I learned many ways to be persuasive and close a deal with all kinds of people across campus.

Nahom (2016-2019)


Collegiate Customs was a great stepping stone for me into the Virginia Lottery Marketing Team. I was able to use my experiences of how different marketing campaigns can be used to target different audiences thanks to how we were taught to use promotions. The real world experience in a sales and marketing role set me apart from other candidates coming straight out of college.

Navia (2017-2019)

Virginia Lottery

On the first day of training for my job with the Suns, the room was asked, “How do we best identify quality leads for new clients?” As the youngest person in the room, I was the only one to answer correctly- networking. Oftentimes, the biggest selling point I leverage every day is simply a mutual friend or past customer advocating for how great their experience was with us. Collegiate Customs taught me how to best use the connections and relationships that I had and turn them into sales and relationships with people I had never met before.

Mike (2017-2018)

Phoenix Suns

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Am I paid for this job?

Absolutely! Campus Directors get paid more than reps working for our competitors, with our top Campus Directors taking home over $10,000 per semester! All by often working no more than 4 to 5 hours a week. We want you to succeed while we succeed, and that begins with happily offering top tier wages in the industry. 

How much of my time will this role take?

You can spend as much or as little time working each week as you want! Best of all, you can work from wherever you’d like to.

Most Campus Directors are very effective by working no more than 4-5 hours each week. 

Why would I want to be a Campus Director?

While we do like to brag about our pay, that’s not even the best part of the job! Not only do you add a top talking point to your resume, you gain valuable experience in networking, sales, and marketing that most of your peers won’t have until years after graduation. Our past Campus Directors have used this leg up on their competition to secure roles at some of the largest companies in the country, in all different types of departments, right out of college.

What does a week look like in this role?

As a Campus Director, you will take the tools we give you and become your own boss. Generally speaking, we find the best flow of tasks includes:

  • Identifying and connecting with new customers on campus by networking with your friends and colleagues in different organizations.
  • Keeping up to date on what events are happening in the near future and figuring out how to get your foot in the door.
  • Working with potential and past customers to inform them of our current products and promotions to find what fits them best.
  • Guiding customers through the ordering process by helping them with any questions as they edit and lock in their design and product choices. 
Is this an Ambassador Program?

This is not an Ambassador program- Campus Directors work directly with fellow college students to create the best custom apparel for the upcoming event or to fill that empty spot in the closet.